What goes on behind the curtain ?


What goes on behind the curtain - The Cremation Process

cremation process

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the curtains of a crematoria after the service ?
This is a short YouTube video showing how the cremation process works.  From the start of the process to when the ash remains are placed into the  cremation urn.
It is a soft and gentle video explaining the cremation process.
This video was originally uploaded by Mount Pleasant Group of Toronto
Link to You Tube video
At Urn Towers we have developed a memorial product which offers families a new choice when it comes to memorialising their loved ones who choose cremation for both their loved ones and pet companions. The Urn  Tower accommodates several cremation urns of both humans and/or pets. Can be extended if required. Being an above ground memorial vault can move with you if that is ever required.