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Stephen from Urn Towers on The Late Late Show - January 2017

Stephen Power Managing director and Ryan Tubridy host of Irish Late Late Show reviewing  our product The Urn Tower on the Late Late Show – Enterprise edition.  Estimated viewing audience of over 400,000.   Large uptake in interest following the show. Many calls received after the show asking where families could purchase an urn Tower for home and cemetery use

Urn Tower Cremation Memorials to hold Ash remains installed in Limerick graveyard

Limerick City and County Council are piloting an initiative to answer a burning question for bereaved families. What to do with post-cremation remains?

Killmurry Towers MSTL Towers 3 Sample-Tower

Despite the growing popularity of cremation many graveyards do not facilitate ash only interments. Urn Towers, a company set up by Limerick man Stephen Power provides a unique solution, allowing the interring of cremated remains in graveyards. An Urn Tower, which houses a loved one’s cremated remains, facilitates this evolution in our burial tradition

Limerick City & County Council, the first Council in the country to support this initiative are piloting a project which will allow families inter a loved one's remains in a new-style memorial called an Urn Tower.

The urns holding the remains are placed inside the family Urn Tower.

Two Limerick City graveyards – Killmurry and Mount St Lawrence extension - will be the first Irish facilities to offer this option. Once the trial period is completed, it is hoped that Urn Towers will be available at other Limerick graveyards and, eventually, throughout the country.

A recent UK report found that the cost of dying has risen seven times faster than the cost of living. In Ireland, a new grave can cost from €500 to €14,000. This does not cover the extras such as opening the grave, monument fees and headstone costs and that is assuming there is space available in your graveyard of choice. This Limerick City & County Council initiative in conjunction with Urn Towers also affords a considerable cost saving compared to traditional graveyard burials

Cremation rates are growing by up to 20% every year. A growing population and the influx of people to cities and towns is putting pressure on graveyards. Many graveyard managers are running out of space. Cremation offers some relief on these issues. Some families scatter the ashes in places where the deceased person had some attachment however, other families would prefer to have a permanent place to visit and remember a loved one who has chosen cremation. Urn Towers offer a real solution for this very modern dilemma.

More information: Stephen Power, Urn Towers, 087 2232573