Cemetery Manager

YOUR  initial capital outlay can be drastically reduced to better meet demand with supply.  You extend your offering when you need to.  See how you can extend the operating life of your facility by using ground considered unsuitable for use in the past.

SPACE MULTIPLIER : What was once used for one family interment can now be used to accommodate several families

ONE PERSONE INSTALLATION :  The memorial vaults can be installed with minimum disruption to existing infrastructure. Normal installation timeframe is one day once ground works are complete.

INCREASED CEMETERY CAPACITY by using ground previously considered unsuitable

ALLOWS FOR A BROADER SELECTION of new cemetery sites as interment is above ground

REUSE CAPABILITY – if a limit is placed on the duration of use the urn can be removed and a new urn placed into the Urn Tower

REMOVING POTENTIAL EXHUMATION ISSUES as urns stored above ground removing potential exhumation issues

MODULAR – The Urn Tower can be installed as per demand in single or multiple unit configurations thus saving up-front investment in large capacity facilities

REDUCED MAINTENANCE – the material used in the construction of the Urn Tower is designed for outdoor use. Also cemetery maintenance is reduced due to small foot print of the Urn Tower

The Urn Tower can be installed in DIFFERENT CONFIGURATIONS. From a single – Person Urn Tower up to a tower that can hold 4 Urns. Each urn tower can be individually extended later if required.

Memorial Space

Cemetery managers and designers can break with tradition and design a memorial space where individuality, reflection and celebration can be incorporated together.

Because of its unique ability to be an independent memorial you can configure the layout of your memorial garden with greater flexibility. The Urn Tower can be installed individually or in groups. Using the Urn Tower Vault System allows you to design and incorporate the Urn Towers into your available space and settings. You can integrate the Urn Towers in either high- or low-density options. The Urn Tower is secured to a foundation of your choice giving you the option of raised or ground level positioning.

Ideas for memorial gardens: what is shown here are only a sample of what could be achieved. We would be delighted to work with you or your designers to see how best the Urn Towers system could be incorporated into your current or future offerings. Contact us if you would like to hear more about the sample layouts in the videos and images below.

Memorial Comparison

When looking at how the Urn Tower Memorial Vault compares to other interment options which might be on offer such as ash plots, columbarium and in-ground options  we see that there is greater flexibility on offer by using our cremation memorial system.

When compared to the traditional columbarium walls the differences are more obvious.