Cremation Memorial Options – The Urn Tower

The Urn Tower Memorial Vault can help remember someone who has passed away and provide comfort for people during their time of need.

Our Memorial Vault provides a personalised, Individual, secure, dignified, and standalone cremation memorial for allowing for the storing of Cremation Urns holding your loved one’s ashes. It removes the need for ground opening and for a headstone. It allows for giving the perfect tribute to your past loved one.

Individual : Each stand-alone tower offers families the ability to have an individual family memorial Vault for the memorialization of their loved ones remains.

Extendable : The Urn Tower Vault comes in a range of holding capacities. The Urn Tower can accommodate multiple numbers of separate urns. Additional holding capacity can be added to the Urn Tower by the easy addition of an extension niche should the need arise

Vertical : Ash remains are stored vertically. This allows for smaller footprint and increasing memorial vault capacity giving higher density.

Above ground : Because Ash Remains are interred above ground it removes issues associated with exhumation.  It also offers the benefit of being placed on ground previously considered unsuitable for interments.

Longevity : Stainless steel is estimated to have a longevity of between 145 and 1200 years per mm depending on  environmental conditions. Our Memorials are made from Marine Grade Stainless steel and have a wall thickness of +3mm

Ships fully Assembled : Because of the unique design the Urn Tower Vault requires no assembly on site.  Ready for installation

Affordable : because the Urn Tower Memorial Vault is also the headstone and holding chamber for the urn it helps reduce overall costs associated with interment.  The cost of a headstone is removed as the urn tower memorial vault is also the headstone.

See our FAQ for technical information.

Memorial Tower Examples

Urn Tower Engraving

If you can print it, we can engrave it.

Each Urn Tower Vault comes with separate engraved plaques. Identification details are engraved using a modern laser engraver. This is done on a plaque which is securely attached to the outside of the Tower. You can decide on the special message or words which you wish to use to remember your loved one.

We will work with you to help design and layout the text prior to engraving.  Because the plaque is securely attached to the tower it is possible to be modified or updated later should that need arise.

Please either fill in the engraving details or attach a file to your order with details of the engraving when completing your order.

Each plaque is made from stainless steel and attached with stainless steel bolts to avoid oxidation due to different material types.