Pet Cremation

Pet Cremation

Are you unsure about what to do with your faithful companions ashes after a cremation?

Today a new option exists for those who choose pet cremation. Pet Memorial Vaults are pet ash memorials where people can visit to remember the life and times of their faithful companions. They can be tremendously comforting and help cope with their loss.

The Companion Memorial Vault offers flexibility and choice. Each module carries a simple plaque inscribed with the details of the companions placed within. It can be extended, if needed, allowing other pet cremation urns or indeed family members to be interred together in a location of choice such as at home.

A single Companion Memorial vault could hold several pet urns for dog ashes due to the size of the urns.

The attached plaque can be updated and/or replaced to add the new name and details.

Because Interment is above ground allowing the memorial to move with you should this be required.

Companion Memorial Examples