What Size Urn Do I Need ?


What size urn do I need ?

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The general guideline in the industry is that 1 Lb. of body weight prior to cremation equals 1 cubic inch of ashes. Thus, a person who weighed 185 lbs. prior to cremation would need an urn with capacity of at least 185 cubic inches.
By selecting larger cremation urn than required you can place additional items inside the urn. Such items which may have had special meaning or significance to your loved one. These can be kept with them for future generations to discover, hold and enjoy.
You can link to our companion site www.celticurns.com to design and create your own personalized urn.
At Urn Towers we have developed a memorial product which offers families a new choice when it comes to memorializing their loved ones who choose cremation for both their loved ones and pet companions. The Urn  Tower accommodates several cremation urns of both humans and/or pets. Can be extended if required. Being an above ground memorial vault can move with you if that is ever required.