The world is running out of burial space


The world is running out of Burial Space

With the growing world population there are increasing difficulties when it comes to finding a fitting and suitable place to bury the dead. Many existing graveyards are either closed to new burials or changing their way of operating. As a consequence of this there is an increasing amount of families choosing cremation. The attached article by John McManus, writing for the BBC, gives a good outline of the situation being found in many urban areas of the world.  Even though this article was first published in 2015 the situation has not been resolved.
BBC Article 
At Urn Towers  we have developed a memorial product which offers families a new choice when it comes to memorializing their loved ones who choose cremation for both their loved ones and pet companions. The Urn  Tower accommodates several cremation urns of both humans and/or pets. Can be extended if required. Being an above ground memorial vault can move with you if that is ever required.